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Alternative Strategies for Plastic - Plastic Clever Consultants

Anne Baker - director, change consultant, scientist, educator and ocean advocate, working with organisations, in education and across the community, to share knowledge of the challenge plastic presents and work to find solutions for the future.
UK Government “vow to eradicate needless plastic waste” January 2018 and  we know that “more than 8 million metric tons of plastic rubbish get into our oceans every year"

Why worry?

Graph of plastic inputs to the ocean in2010In 2014, I began working with Prof. Jenna Jambeck and other leading scientists through eXXpedition developing an in-depth understand of the impact of plastic on our planet, the oceans and our health. My passion for the need to change comes from first hand observation of the significant challenge of ocean plastic pollution seen whilst sailing across the Atlantic and around the British Coast.
I now combine this insight with my extensive expertise in leading and managing change working with organisations to help them understand, find alternative solutions and change their plastics impact.

Plastic is permanent - it will be here for centuries and now we know change must follow - many companies have no idea how much plastic they use so I’ve chosen to utilise my knowledge and consulting expertise to help

How we work to change?

PlasticI work with companies who want to make a change to their environmental impact and Plastic Footprint. Using a range of diagnostic tools, we work together to gain a better insight into plastic usage, systematically tracking the plastic trail. Through developing corporate awareness and understanding of the challenges plastic is creating in the world, it’s ocean and our health we develop and agree, often as part of an overall environmental & corporate social responsibility strategy, the corporate mission for change, the change programme and plans for delivery to achieve the goals.
Across organisations research shows companies approach to the environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is becoming increasingly important for attracting top people and is a vital part of the modern employee proposition. Including plastic usage and waste reduction objective within a CSR has far-reaching opportunities to successfully influence enhanced corporate outcomes.
I work from board level, thought governance and policies, with employees, customers and the supply chain to effect sustainable change addressing the environmental impact plastic usage causes.

Fact - An inquiry among Socially Responsible Enterprise experts showed that 83% of companies do not yet measure their use of plastic. The causes of concern is this area include microplastic pollution,  plastic packaging and microfiber pollution. The world of plastics is changing, are you ready for change or will you become a victim of change?

For more information, to discuss alternative solutions for plastic and how we might help - contact or call 07711 304996